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3D Tries – Mé Quesse Kèla MaDoudou DiDon ?

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Oct• 24•18

ButWatDoSheeFeel, MyDoudou, HeSaid ?
(Old fun song to dance in French with rithmic syllabics looks like Creole Langage)

Reconstruction 3D de Sculpture 3D - Catherine © CIPRIA - 2018

Reconstruction 3D de Sculpture – Catherine © CIPRIA – 2018

Doudou is a woman with beautiful … shapes. I love 3D !


Created :2018-10-24 20:35:51. – Modified : 2018-12-01 17:51:51.

"What's Up, Doc ?" - ©J.P. Cipria - 15/04/2017

Easy Level – CM²

Expériences En Construction

Experiment is being drawn up

Reconstructive Scan

Catherine sculpted a very nice doudou with wire mesh for the form, recovered with sticked papers and plaster … then sanded and painted, and sanded, and painted … etc. Then she color painted this nice woman form.

I notice that I had do the same as my wife with digital equipment. Then I am doing by myself another sculpture with my hands and not with my mouse. For Phd Didactic Professors Science traduction it is a « Neuronal Thought to Neurologic Mechanic Competence Transfer. » 😉

I wrote this item because it is difficult to display here some 3D tries. I Try with very small objects because any 3D plugin don’t works with real professional MNT !

Architects must display digital houses facades, Surveyors MNT, Topographer MNE and Engineers Synthetic Aperture Radar Waveforms (SAR) with accuracy better than 1 mm for surveyors. Real Professional Constructed 3D Forms are from 20 to 150 MO to have a correct definition in details.

Then we tried to minimize a « Doudou » as the following 3D with 2 MO size to display it with such bad wordpress plugins.

Let’s try !

Differents Tries to Display 3D Objects ?

Photo and Link to a MP4 Video

Reconstruction 3D de Sculpture - Catherine © CIPRIA - 2018

Reconstruction 3D de Sculpture – Catherine © CIPRIA – 2018

3D Manipulation with object.obj and object.mnt

Then I reducted object from 150 to 16 to 2 MO but It missing Center Origin ! Tries to do with Blender « Geometry to Origin » then X=0, Y=0, Z=0. In french « ceinture ET bretelle. » But nada, que dalle, nothing to the best in english.

Then go slowly with the mouse else you send it to the space.

You just lost it ?

Link to a 3D PDF

I just notice the 10621 th version ! Let’s call me by my nickname : Edisson ? 😉


Film of 3D Manipulation

Digital Softwares

  • Agisoft Photoscan : Real to 3D Construction.
  • Blender : 3D Synthesis.
  • OpenShotVideo : MP4 Video Effects.


Jean-Paul CIPRIA : 3D Digital Construct.

Catherine CIPRIA : 3D Real Construct 😉


Tries to display 3D PDF directly ?

No ! Then let’s try to send it to go$gle docs but you will see just my signature ! Shame ?


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