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Algorithmics 07 – From Shannon to Karatsuba or the Reverse ?

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Juin• 07•17

We can observe C. Shannon as a genius engineer and Karatsuba as a smart mathematician. But how did they think about physics and how Shannon explained theories ? Do discovers follow ideas or the invert ?

<strong><span style="color: #800000;">Very Difficult ! PhD Level.</span></strong>

Very Difficult ! PhD Level.

Expériences En Construction

Expériences En Construction

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You can follow in direct live my own postdoc research on subject « How to improve Signal Behaviour ? » Why ? « To improve accuracy and rapidity of calculation … for example. »

And why do we want to try to find an example ? It is an error we do here to « incite you » to think a little and to improve you own brain and doing … discover(s) ! If you ask you what you need or what customers need you will discover … nothing just as you did’nt discover anything since 1990 !

We know it. It is forbidden to say this in Europe and France. Sorry 😉 I say it in English ! Brexit ? Great Idea ! Francexit ? Done !


To follow : 07/06/2017

To do it …


Jean-Paul Cipria

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