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Brains Activities by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mar• 08•17
Brain Activities - Charcoal Drawing - ©J.P. Cipria - 08/03/2017

Brain Activities – Charcoal Drawing – ©J.P. Cipria – 08/03/2017

How can you imaging brain activities in direct … live ?
Pedagogy : If you can draw it can we understand it ?


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Source Neuroscape - Not for Commercial Use - Modified by JP Cipria for Pedagogic Uses.

Source Neuroscape – Not for Commercial Use – Modified by JP Cipria for Pedagogic Uses.

<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Expériences En Construction</span></strong>

Expériences En Construction.

What is the Physics Phenomenon to Detect Activities ?

We send some high intensity magnetic field and spatial variations to interact with the atomic spins. Physics Electromagnetic-Atoms interactions are around the same as Ramsey Fringes [CIPRIA-10-2016] :

Drawing Detection and Understanding ?

Obviouly we don’t understand anything without a functional description. But does functional description suffisant ?

… Following … 08/03/2017.

Brain Structural Local and Global Functions ?

… Following … 08/03/2017.

Signal Transmission over Brain ?

… Following … 08/03/2017.

Access to your own Physiological Data … Through Enterprise ?

Your OWN raw data unavailable for you in … USA server ?

We draw three pictures with black and red charcoal and we copy it in a animate gif. It is just to avoid some copyright from big, big, big enterprises. Thoses enterprises, for example $Fitbit$, copy your own physiologic datas on a USA site and don’t agree to keep this data to … you ! It is normal ? Then you can access it by … forfait for only xx $ !

Here is the very simple data chain for chained-customer to liberal-enterprise :
Physiologic Electric Field ==> Customer Device  ==> Bluetooth ==> Wifi ==> Internet ==> Usa Server ==> Usa Transformation ==> Usa Web Display ==> Customer !


Comment calculer les franges de Ramsey dans les Horloges Atomiques ?

Keys :

Physiologic data, activities brain cerveau électroencéphalographie EEG Magnetic resonance imaging MRI résonance magnétique nucléaire RMN


Jean-Paul Cipria

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