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Navigation 13 – Spherical Position and Local Plan – Spherical Trajectories ?

How do we set a Position on Earth and how we determine Local Coordinates and Plan ? And then how to find trajectories point by point on Earth ? We want to « navigate » on earth with direct trajectory from P point to B point but merely use latitude and longitude ? When we are in […]

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Jean-Paul Cipria

cipria[ at ] Sciences for Engineers : 25 Years Experiences TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS and SCIENCES INTEGRATIONS for GROUPS Scientific Publications

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Time and Space 01 – Pythagore – Two Dimensions.

Jean-Paul Cipria 05/07/2017

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Robotics – Industrials 4

Here a small film on how to Program a Trajectory on a Defined Plan … then we 3D Change Referential Position and we perform the same Program. Whats Up, Doc ? Link to MP4 Video. Is’nt it Fun to be an Engineer and think in relative 3D space without beeing Einstein ? Do Financials think […]

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Engineering – Graphic Representation

How do we represent a concept, a structural form and a high light reflexion ? Do you want a small car ? Why do small !!! How do we Represent High Intensity Light Reflexion ? Do we Discover What we Really Think ? Innovation, Conception, Engineering, Discovering occur when we

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