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Engineering – Graphic Representation

How do we represent a concept, a structural form and a high light reflexion ? Do you want a small car ? Why do small !!! How do we Represent High Intensity Light Reflexion ? Do we Discover What we Really Think ? Innovation, Conception, Engineering, Discovering occur when we

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Cipria – 2016 – Scientific Activities Resume

Here are my 2016 Scientific Activities for all 2016 monthes. 2016 has been productive : After a Master in Sciences in 2012 I was a sciences professor for two years and in 2016 I got a second Master in Teaching and Pedagogy. I leaved French Institution to work by my own on « understanding physics methods […]

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Architecture 06 – Extreme Engineering – Dubaï Creek Building

The Dubaï Creek Building is a new Skyscrapper designed with Extreme Engineering Structural Equations. You can see a Model if you want to buy 10 or 20 flats in the new Dubaï Creek … if you are Emiraties ? (*) Structural Average Form Extracted from a photography taken in free Dubaï Creek exposition model by […]

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Brains Activities by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

How can you imaging brain activities in direct … live ? Pedagogy : If you can draw it can we understand it ? What is the Physics Phenomenon to Detect Activities ?

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Architecture 05 – Pont à Travée à Clé de Voûte.

Est-ce qu’une travée de pont montée en clé de voute permet d’augmenter significativement sa portée ? Quels problèmes vont se présenter ? – Le but est de faire passer une travée en béton à clé de voûte sans joint (!) sur deux points. C’est à dire que la clé de voûte n’est par « collée » aux […]

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