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Survey 08 – Iron Structure – 1892

Before Tour Eiffel Building Vonstruction how did Engineers to Concept Iron Resistant Structures ? First Hand Drawings and Calculations ?

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Survey 05 – How to Project by Hand a Curve on a Plan by 45° Inclination ?

Cylindric and Plane Intersections. How to Project Curve with 45° Inclination Point of View ?

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Survey 04 – What about a Job in Abu-Dhabi in 2017?

Have you got difficulties to find job in France ? Land Surveyor, United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi Job Summary ….. is seeking an experienced Land Surveyor major project located in Abu Dhabi. Plans, organizes, and directs work of one or more survey parties engaged in surveying earth’s surface to determine precise location and measurements […]

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Survey 01 – Survey and Topography

How Do we Measure Position, Altitude, Range or Distance, Angle, Surface with the Right Accuracy ? How do we Plot it on Earth Plan ? How do we represent object situation on 3D Earth ? It is Topography ! First we have made remarks on Earth form. It is around an ellipsoid. Then we remarked […]

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Architecture 05 – Pont à Travée à Clé de Voûte.

Est-ce qu’une travée de pont montée en clé de voute permet d’augmenter significativement sa portée ? Quels problèmes vont se présenter ? – Le but est de faire passer une travée en béton à clé de voûte sans joint (!) sur deux points. C’est à dire que la clé de voûte n’est par « collée » aux […]

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