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Survey 04 – What about a Job in Abu-Dhabi in 2017?

Have you got difficulties to find job in France ? Land Surveyor, United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi Job Summary ….. is seeking an experienced Land Surveyor major project located in Abu Dhabi. Plans, organizes, and directs work of one or more survey parties engaged in surveying earth’s surface to determine precise location and measurements […]

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Artificial Intelligence 04 – Propositionnal Logics or Relationnal Quantities ?

First articles 01, 02 and 03 on artificial intelligence used relational laws from quantities, measurements, statistics to and from same concepts. It is one of the 20th century sciences methods. We establish relationships  with mathematical equations on a real phenomenon descriptive variables. Then we forgot since Galileo around 1600, with great, huge successes, to use smelling, hearing […]

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HP 05 – How Do You Do When You Are a Gifted Person ?

Gifted ? Talented ? Intelligent ? Cleverness. Have you got problems with … life ? First Rules to Survive Efficiently Think and Stop and Do Do it when you think it … and then stop to think further ! We knows methods are generaly toxic ! Then don’t use it in engineering !

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HP 04 – Khi2 – 03-1 – Why You Don’t Use It ?

Do you know that one of demonstration « Khi² Distribution » cost about 29 $ ? This « Autor right » runs for 1969 [L…-1969] ! During about fifty years nobody understand correctly how to « prove » some density probabilities ! Then 99.9% of engineers don’t use it ! Is it a just return from justice ? Have we got […]

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Le But de l’Ingénieur ?

Le but de l’ingénieur n’est pas d’être humble mais d’augmenter la compréhension qu’il a des choses. Et de cette façon, par la maîtrise de la reproductibilité, de l’efficience et donc par une augmentation sensible de la puissance, il peut améliorer son environnement*. Jean-Paul Cipria. (*) : La praxis.

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