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Algorithms and Double Processors Oscillations ?

I do what I can with quad processors ! Will I made processor emeting ultra wide band with 4 and 6 GHz modulations ? Or processors are going to understand me and trying to localize objects with high accuracy ? Maybe ? Maybe ! Jean-Paul Cipria Algorithmeur Processoral ? ūüėČ

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Navigation 11-1 – Navigation Inertielle – Gyrolaser

Qu’est-ce qu’un gyrolaser ? Comment calculer le d√©phasage d’onde Laser ? Comment fonctionne un Gyrolaser selon Georges Sagnac ? [SAGNAC-1913-1] I am sorry : I wrote this item in French. I am not able to traduct self-irony in English ? Le gyro-loupiote ou gyro-lampe-de-poche – ou gyrolight in english c’est plus pro – date de […]

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Signal Digital Computation – Banana Hough Transform

Old article – 03/02/2012 to translate in Fang. How to applicate a¬†master mathematics to a college level ? Demonstration ! We seldom have the opportunity to laugh then I do, not you ? However this example is very demonstrative et architectural and it is for a good raison. I push the banana* toward the doctorat* […]

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