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Insector !

Il est l’or, Milord, de Mirror les Insectors des Draveillors en Essonor (91 – Franssor) ! Nous sommes situés dans la très vieille vallée ou pénéplaine du Draveillor, dans l’Essonnois pas très loin au sud est du Lutècois, au bord d’une des nombreuses boucles de la Seine. Celle-ci a creusé, au fil de dizaines de […]

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Algorithms and Double Processors Oscillations ?

I do what I can with quad processors ! Will I made processor emeting ultra wide band with 4 and 6 GHz modulations ? Or processors are going to understand me and trying to localize objects with high accuracy ? Maybe ? Maybe ! Jean-Paul Cipria Algorithmeur Processoral ? 😉

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Navigation 11-1 – Navigation Inertielle – Gyrolaser

Qu’est-ce qu’un gyrolaser ? Comment calculer le déphasage d’onde Laser ? Comment fonctionne un Gyrolaser selon Georges Sagnac ? [SAGNAC-1913-1] I am sorry : I wrote this item in French. I am not able to traduct self-irony in English ? Le gyro-loupiote ou gyro-lampe-de-poche – ou gyrolight in english c’est plus pro – date de […]

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Signal Digital Computation – Banana Hough Transform

Old article – 03/02/2012 to translate in Fang. How to applicate a master mathematics to a college level ? Demonstration ! We seldom have the opportunity to laugh then I do, not you ? However this example is very demonstrative et architectural and it is for a good raison. I push the banana* toward the doctorat* […]

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