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Survey 12 – 3D Cloud Datas

Doudou Sculpture by Catherine CIPRIA File MTL and OBJ to Display 3D

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Survey 10 – Boresighting Processing – Simbleautage

How do we break parallelism alignment between unreachable site and sighting ? How do we focus on a satellite with one detector and send angle point of view to different sensors at different positions ? It is Parallax Calculation. You can control a digital servo motor to point another equipment on a same target. For […]

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Jean-Paul Cipria

Who is Jean-Paul CIPRIA ? A Telecom Engineer ? A Sciences Professor ? A Surveyor ? TECHNOLOGIES and SCIENCES INTEGRATIONS MATLAB/Simulink/Flowstate Conception Control Law Modelization Specialist Armament Algorithms Expert Surveyor Topographer – Terrestrial Localization Expert cipria[ at ] – 2018 in Action Algorithmes Expert in Armament and Defence Dynamic Modelling and Expert Control Law on […]

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Formal Méthod – Complex Method to Manage … Complexity ?

The Formal Method claims to reduct systems logical errors number. But do we succeed to use, logically, the Formal Method ? It is a very smart paradox. Is’nt it ? We are sorry. Those following Annexes from PhD Thesis are in French language. Some denounced ideology and author irony are typicaly … local French. Let’s […]

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Survey 01 – Survey and Topography

How Do we Measure Position, Altitude, Range or Distance, Angle, Surface with the Right Accuracy ? How do we Plot it on Earth Plan ? How do we represent object situation on 3D Earth ? It is Topography ! First we have made remarks on Earth form. It is around an ellipsoid. Then we remarked […]

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