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Jean-Paul Cipria

TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS and SCIENCES INTEGRATIONS for GROUPS Surveyor Topographer Sciences for Engineers : 25 Years Experiences cipria[ at ] 2017 in Action Surveyor and Topographer « Measurements on Earth. Why is it so Complex AND Difficult ? » – 09/2017. Leveling and Local Altimetry : How is the height of earth objects ? Covadis and Autocad Maps […]

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Survey 01 – Survey and Topography

How Do we Measure Position, Altitude, Range or Distance, Angle, Surface with the Right Accuracy ? How do we Plot it on Earth Plan ? How do we represent object situation on 3D Earth ? It is Topography ! First we have made remarks on Earth form. It is around an ellipsoid. Then we remarked […]

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Navigation 13 – Spherical Position and Local Plan – Spherical Trajectories ?

How do we set a Position on Earth and how we determine Local Coordinates and Perpendicular Plan ? And then how do we find trajectories point by point on Earth ? With and … without Latitude and Longitude, only with an Absolute Rotation Angle ? We want to « navigate » on earth with direct trajectory from […]

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Artificial Intelligence 06 – Neurones Concepts Recognition by 256 Synapses

How to simulate a pattern recognition ? For exemple we have to learn by training to recognize the 10 first arabian letters to assignate to « zero » to « nine » concepts. Where are Synapses ? Where are the Neurones ? Where are the Concepts Localization on Brain ? Let’s see a Matlab simulation for a prototype without […]

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Annexes de Thèse de Doctorat en Physique – Présentation Courte – 2min19.

Annexes de Thèse de Doctorat en Physique – Présentation Courte. Film 2 min 19s.

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