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3D – Donut

Encore un Plugin 3D qui ne fonctionne pas sous Plugin WordPress ? Tout fonctionne dans le garage Geek sauf chez les professionnels  et encore moins sur le Web ? .

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3D Tries – Mé Quesse Kèla MaDoudou DiDon ?

ButWatDoSheeFeel, MyDoudou, HeSaid ? (Old fun song to dance in French with rithmic syllabics looks like Creole Langage) Doudou is a woman with beautiful … shapes. I love 3D ! Reconstructive Scan Catherine sculpted a very nice doudou with wire mesh for the form, recovered with sticked papers and plaster … then sanded and painted, […]

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Survey 10 – Boresighting Processing – Simbleautage

How do we break parallelism alignment between unreachable site and sighting ? How do we focus on a satellite with one detector and send angle point of view to different sensors at different positions ? It is Parallax Calculation. You can control a digital servo motor to point another equipment on a same target. For […]

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Survey 05 – How to Project by Hand a Curve on a Plan by 45° Inclination ?

Cylindric and Plane Intersections. How to Project Curve with 45° Inclination Point of View ?

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Engineering – Graphic Representation

How do we represent a concept, a structural form and a high light reflexion ? Do you want a small car ? Why do small !!! How do we Represent High Intensity Light Reflexion ? Do we Discover What we Really Think ? Innovation, Conception, Engineering, Discovering occur when we

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