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Formal Méthod – Complex Method to Manage … Complexity ?

The Formal Method claims to reduct systems logical errors number. But do we succeed to use, logically, the Formal Method ? It is a very smart paradox. Is’nt it ? We are sorry. Those following Annexes from PhD Thesis are in French language. Some denounced ideology and author irony are typicaly … local French. Let’s […]

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Enterprise Neural Network

[caption id="attachment_34120" align="aligncenter" width="211"]Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence[/caption]

How do we to « Understand » Intelligence in Enterprise ?


We use to integrate data, informations and method on some various department or business unit for big international enterprises. Why do we want to do this ? Where are advantages or inconvenient to have the same methods and information in differents part of an enterprises ?

Jean-Paul Cipria
November, 11th 2017

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Cipria – 2016 – Scientific Activities Resume

Here are my 2016 Scientific Activities for all 2016 monthes. 2016 has been productive : After a Master in Sciences in 2012 I was a sciences professor for two years and in 2016 I got a second Master in Teaching and Pedagogy. I leaved French Institution to work by my own on « understanding physics methods […]

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HP 02 – Intellectuellement Précoces en Milieux Toxiques !

Avez-vous vu l’émission produite par des Moldu sur des enfants dit HP du 22/12/2016 ? Comment « ON » ne comprend rien aux intellectuellement précoces ? Nous vous posons les questions à vous intellectuellement différents : « Comment les débiles, que parfois vous aimez profondément, peuvent avoir la moindre idée de ce que vous vivez ? » Vous ne […]

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Systèmes Incompétents – Incorrects – Défectueux – Impropres – Inadéquats – Inadaptés – Inexacts

How do « World Companies » prevent People to Work Correctly ? In this « world company », some agricultural labourers … ouch sorry, engineers, ouch sorry, qualified workers, tried unsuccessfully to read « Noise to Signal understanding for Telecommunication. » But this society deems it is not necessary for … « noise to signal for telecommunication » work now. Can I translate […]

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