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Navigation 14 – How Do You Localize Objects on Earth ?

How to Localize Yourself on Earth ? Language Certificate for Master University Level : CLE2. Scientific Power Point Presentation Exemple. Master for Education, Teaching and Formation (MEEF 2016)

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Survey 11 – OrthoPhoto ?

How do we correct photography to delete perspective point seen from an unique point of view ?  

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Survey 10 – Boresighting Processing – Simbleautage

How do we break parallelism alignment between unreachable site and sighting ? How do we focus on a satellite with one detector and send angle point of view to different sensors at different positions ? It is Parallax Calculation. You can control a digital servo motor to point another equipment on a same target. For […]

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Jean-Paul Cipria

. Who is Jean-Paul CIPRIA ? A Telecom Engineer ? A Sciences Professor ? A Surveyor ? SCIENCE INTEGRATION and TECHNOLOGY EVANGELIST cipria[ at ] My job is to integrate knowledges, understanding, methods in enterprise not essentially distributed to employees but dispatched to managers and directors. I use to say : « ENGINEERS ARE SOLVING PROBLEMS […]

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Harmonica J.J. Milteau – Deep Blues en Do C

Quels morceaux jouer avec l’Harmonica en C ou Do Majeur de J. J Milteau Deep Blues ? Comment « l’école » « explique » la physique de cet objet ? Pourquoi nous-n’y comprenons rien ? Harmonica de Marque Hohner. Environ 50 €. We are sorry. Those following Annexes from my PhD Thesis are in French language. Some denounced « […]

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