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Harmonica J.J. Milteau – Deep Blues en Do C

Quels morceaux jouer avec l’Harmonica en C ou Do Majeur de J. J Milteau Deep Blues ? Comment « l’école » « explique » la physique de cet objet ? Pourquoi nous-n’y comprenons rien ? Harmonica de Marque Hohner. Environ 50 €. We are sorry. Those following Annexes from my PhD Thesis are in French language. Some denounced « […]

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Enterprise Neural Network

[caption id="attachment_34120" align="aligncenter" width="211"]Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence[/caption]

How do we to « Understand » Intelligence in Enterprise ?


We use to integrate data, informations and method on some various department or business unit for big international enterprises. Why do we want to do this ? Where are advantages or inconvenient to have the same methods and information in differents part of an enterprises ?

Jean-Paul Cipria
November, 11th 2017

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How do a PhD to Learn a High Level Paradigm and Concepts ?

It is important to trace how a Doctorant follows a mind trajectories to improve his knowledge. Then let’s try to follow an example.

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Algorithmics 07 – From Shannon to Karatsuba or the Reverse ?

We can observe C. Shannon as a genius engineer and Karatsuba as a smart mathematician. But how did they think about physics and how Shannon explained theories ? Do discovers follow ideas or the invert ? You can follow in direct live my own postdoc research on subject « How to improve Signal Behaviour ? » Why ? « To improve accuracy […]

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Protégé : Climatologie = Idéologie ==> Mensonges et Bornages en tout Genres ?

Il n’y a pas d’extrait, car cet article est protégé.

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