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How do a PhD to Learn a High Level Paradigm and Concepts ?

It is important to trace how a Doctorant follows a mind trajectories to improve his knowledge. Then let’s try to follow an example.

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Algorithmics 07 – From Shannon to Karatsuba or the Reverse ?

We can observe C. Shannon as a genius engineer and Karatsuba as a smart mathematician. But how did they think about physics and how Shannon explained theories ? Do discovers follow ideas or the invert ? You can follow in direct live my own postdoc research on subject « How to improve Signal Behaviour ? » Why ? « To improve accuracy […]

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Protégé : Climatologie = Idéologie ==> Mensonges et Bornages en tout Genres ?

Il n’y a pas d’extrait, car cet article est protégé.

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Jean-Paul CIPRIA – Scientific Publications

What are Jean-Paul Cipria’s Publications ? Achat : Mémoire de Recherche UWB – Simulation Matlab d’écart type de localisation Radar Résumé : Cet article détaille de quelle façon nous pouvons estimer les erreurs de localisation de la détermination d’une distance de propagation d’un signal à très large spectre dans un canal de propagation brouillé en […]

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How to – DON’T Understand : A Digital Serial Convergence in France in Math for Physicist ?

It is a simple study in our PhD thesis to show us how we don’t know evidence and invert hypothesis and theorems. We are not mathematicians. We just want to use math to UNDERSTAND PHYSICS and FOLLOW IDEAS ! Why do use serial convergence in physics ? First because M. Auguste Louis Cauchy had written […]

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