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Enterprise Neural Network

[caption id="attachment_34120" align="aligncenter" width="211"]Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence Neuronal Entreprise Intelligence[/caption]

How do we to « Understand » Intelligence in Enterprise ?


We use to integrate data, informations and method on some various department or business unit for big international enterprises. Why do we want to do this ? Where are advantages or inconvenient to have the same methods and information in differents part of an enterprises ?

Jean-Paul Cipria
November, 11th 2017

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Algorithms and Double Processors Oscillations ?

I do what I can with quad processors ! Will I made processor emeting ultra wide band with 4 and 6 GHz modulations ? Or processors are going to understand me and trying to localize objects with high accuracy ? Maybe ? Maybe ! Jean-Paul Cipria Algorithmeur Processoral ? 😉

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Survey 06 – How to Define a Geodesic Curve ?

How to Define a Geodesic Curve ? We are triing to navigate on earth or to « project » distances form a theorical ellipsoïd to a plane. Then how to be sure the distance between two points on ellipsoid is the minimum as possible BEFORE even think to project this distance on a certain map ? Let’s […]

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Survey 04 – What about a Job in Abu-Dhabi in 2017?

Have you got difficulties to find job in France ? Land Surveyor, United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi Job Summary ….. is seeking an experienced Land Surveyor major project located in Abu Dhabi. Plans, organizes, and directs work of one or more survey parties engaged in surveying earth’s surface to determine precise location and measurements […]

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Survey 03 – Sketch Plan

How do we Draw a Sketch Plan ? We use to implant Survey Nails when we Localize Object with a Millimeter Accuracy.

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