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Jean-Paul Cipria

TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS and SCIENCES INTEGRATIONS for GROUPS MATLAB/Simulink/Flowstate and C Langage Conception Surveyor Topographer – Localisation Expert Sciences for Engineers : 25 Years Experiences cipria[ at ] 2018 in Action Senior Engineer in Aircraft Avionics. Algorithmes Specialist in Armament and Defence. Surveyor and Topographer on Navigation Devices. 2017 in Action Matlab PhD Annexes Matlab Simulation […]

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Harmonica J.J. Milteau – Deep Blues en Do C

Quels morceaux jouer avec l’Harmonica en C ou Do Majeur de J. J Milteau Deep Blues ? Comment « l’école » « explique » la physique de cet objet ? Pourquoi nous-n’y comprenons rien ? Harmonica de Marque Hohner. Environ 50 €. We are sorry. Those following Annexes from my PhD Thesis are in French language. Some denounced « […]

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Survey 06 – How to Define a Geodesic Curve ?

How to Define a Geodesic Curve ? We are triing to navigate on earth or to « project » distances form a theorical ellipsoïd to a plane. Then how to be sure the distance between two points on ellipsoid is the minimum as possible BEFORE even think to project this distance on a certain map ? Let’s […]

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Survey 03 – Sketch Plan

How do we Draw a Sketch Plan ? We use to implant Survey Nails when we Localize Object with a Millimeter Accuracy.

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Artificial Intelligence 06 – Neurones Concepts Recognition by 256 Synapses

How to simulate a pattern recognition ? For exemple we have to learn by training to recognize the 10 first arabian letters to assignate to « zero » to « nine » concepts. Where are Synapses ? Where are the Neurones ? Where are the Concepts Localization on Brain ? Let’s see a Matlab simulation for a prototype without […]

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