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Algorithmics 03 – Signal by Fourier Transforms- FFT – 3

  How do a Fast Fourier Transform by Cooley and Tukey Algorithms ? Why High Potential with a high level QI don’t understand official physics memorization ? The answer is in the question : nobody ask you to … understand ! Then let’s read the original engineers experts ! Come Back to … 1964. It […]

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Cipria – 2016 – Scientific Activities Resume

Here are my 2016 Scientific Activities for all 2016 monthes. 2016 has been productive : After a Master in Sciences in 2012 I was a sciences professor for two years and in 2016 I got a second Master in Teaching and Pedagogy. I leaved French Institution to work by my own on « understanding physics methods […]

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Khi2 Tests – 04 – Probabilities Densities – Mathematics or Engineering ?

How Agile, Scrum, Programs Developpements can be more Innovative ? For example how to display Khi² Densities ? How to calculate Right Probabilities with just Simpson Algorithm ? Why we can do with this Development Method ? Do we use Mathematics or Physicists Equations ? Engineers, do you understand what you write ? Ref. [CIPRIA-2107] […]

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Khi2 – 02 – La Mesure est-elle Scientifique ?

Comment comparer un modèle théorique à une mesure et déterminer statistiquement à quel niveau les deux points de vue sont dépendants ? Scientifiquement nous dirons que la mesure confirme ou pas le modèle et réciproquement. Comment calculer le Khi² interne d’un logiciel scientifique de régression linéaire ? Nous simulons à la mimine sous Matlab un […]

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