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Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria

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I think, write and maintain only by myself this very big web site, like a lonesome cow boy. I wrote more than 800 articles (posts). Only 100 are displayed. The hidden posts was even too old, even false, even to modify, or personal without interest with the rest of world.

Let’s write me. Not to say me if the temperature is good in France but every technical or scientific question. I will answer to everybody from 2 to 103 years old persons with or without a PhD in physics. ūüôā

I am just a scientist, Ok ?

Mad scientist ? Ok. Crazy scientist ? Ok. Please let me use my strenght to do clever applied physics or biology or sciences experiments in my small laboratory : my computer, my garden and an extraordinary mind in … my head ?

Jobs for JP Cipria

Please send me your propositions. If you don’t have any ideas, any skills (?) I have it !


I display on each page the sentance ¬ę¬†¬©J.P. Cipria¬†¬Ľ to mean that is my own production. Not to share with my agree. It is a hudge amount of work simply to do a simple, evidence, photo or graph or curve. Main of pictures asked and will ask me questions for sometimes … 30 years. If you will do pay me for then you will give me some millions euros ? Thank you. Like the CEO of Nokia for his great manager job for one year ?

Hackers, cash box is empty and my head is full of …

Please, hackers don’t crack my web site. I don’t earn any money. The cash box is empty and my head is full. I am just a scientist, Ok ?


Best regards.
Jean-Paul Cipria