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Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mai• 04•17
Mustang - Dessin ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Mustang – Dessin ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

How do we represent a concept, a structural form and a high light reflexion ?
Do you want a small car ? Why do small !!!


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QR Code - J.P. Cipria

QR Code – J.P. Cipria

<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Expériences En Construction</span></strong>

Experiment in Progress.

How do we Represent High Intensity Light Reflexion ?

Do we Discover What we Really Think ?

Innovation, Conception, Engineering, Discovering occur when we

knows a lot of thinks really interconnected and when we can describe our « flash » minds in some picturals, graphics, equations, relationships, words … rapidly. Then like car designer we can provide as fast as we can our model of our ideas. After we can import them on CAO. But first do we draw a small car model ? Why do a small one ? We want a great Mustang !

Example for a Mustang Car

Some cars designers draw by hand before to set the design on CAO. We were inpired by M. Chip Foose [FOOSE-2017] to reproduct structural form in a first time then to observe dynamic light with a dark color on the metallic structure.

Mustang - Dessin ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Mustang – Dessin ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

We drew with permanent black marking and blue ball-point pens. Then we are not able so much to reproduct by observation and hand the light reflexion. Light reflexion seems to be paint effect and not the fact of an intense lightning on a black car body. But for a first test it is not so bad ?

Synthetic or Complex Drawings ?

Two Kinds of Minds are Represented ?

Let’s observe closely the followings drawings :

African Houses - Drawing ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

African Houses – Drawing ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

What are the kinds of Minds ?

First line : We searched for a unique, simple representation of African House. Then we can thing also about a cooked terra cotta pot, that is also an search effect.

Great !!! Simple, Synthetic : two underground meanings for Africa and two colors. And pictures are divided from left to right.

Second Line :We tried to reproduct the Catherine’s figure in color for the first test. We thought that color didn’t inform him to volumic shape. We changed to only black color. Then we drew not at the right side but below the same figure ? We added shadows. Then we thought that windows were missing for a such house. And we added two … eyes ? Then we connected the top hat to the skull and opened a large mouth ?

Great !!! Connected, volumic, five meanings : house, head, « Calimero », shouting person, wicker basket, egg. One color. Drawings from back to front. A lot of informations to link each other.


Then there are two interesting kinds of minds here :

  1. Synthetic : One meaning – 1D-2D – Several colors.
  2. Connected : Four meanings – 3D – One color.

What would you prefer ? Both are true but the objectives are different. If you are engineer you need both.

How to Represent a 3D on a 2D Space ?

Let’s observe the light effects on a simulated 3D object on a 2D space : your paper or your screen.

Dessin au Fusain - Ombrages et Effets 3D sur une Colonne – ©J.P. Cipria - 2017.

Dessin au Fusain – Ombrages et Effets 3D sur une Colonne – ©J.P. Cipria – 2017.



Engineering Drawing - ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Engineering Drawing – ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Cars Designers Chip Foose


Jean-Paul Cipria

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