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Fitbit, Strato and Others Societies Incompetencies ?

Written By: KazHack - Mar• 01•17
Codage - Secret - Privé

Codage – Secret – Privé

When corporations behave as the brigants then European engineers are unemployed !

The More Men are Flexible then the More Companies are Rigid.
The More Companies  are Rigid then the More Men are Flexible.

Muhammad Yunus - Nobel Peace Prize 2006.png - The social injustices are time bombs.

Muhammad Yunus – Nobel Peace Prize 2006

« The Social Injustices are Time Bombs. »
Muhammad Yunus

Fitbit stoling personal physiologic datas

  1. We can retreive it by 50 € when those datas are coming from your device on your hand, transmited by bluetooth to your « connected » device (your mobile) then connected by Wifi to Internet then connected to a USA server … Then Usa server sends computed datas to your connected device via … all the transmissions and nodes cited above.
    It is the modern IoT services ? Thank you technology ?. By a shit, boring Fitbit society ?

Strato Hebergement Incompetencies

  1. Email don’t working correctly. A long list of probaly Object langage programming with non sollicited action …
  2. Impossible to pay after a credit card delay expired. Not possible to send electronic money !
  3. Web site blocked 3 weeks !
  4. 53 € for 3 monthes with worth functionning with automatic servers !
  5. Anybody at the technical support.
  6. When a … body you found technician with email don’t understand what you want.
  7. … etc .

We thing those kinds of « brigandterprise » are parasits for probable democratic person and society of right Human ?

European engineers are unemployed then, Engineers, let’s try to go anywhere to the right technical and scientific job. But is it possible in this world ? Even than we can’t do anything the thing will go without changing : Dictature ?

The more men are flexible the more companies are rigid.


If we cannot build with big Brigandterprise then private  .



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