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HP 05 – How Do You Do When You Are a Gifted Person ?

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Juin• 22•17
3D Ascii Probabilities Table - ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

3D Ascii Probabilities Table – ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Gifted ? Talented ? Intelligent ? Cleverness. Have you got problems with … life ?

First Rules to Survive Efficiently

Think and Stop and Do

Do it when you think it … and then stop to think further !

We knows methods are generaly toxic ! Then don’t use it in engineering !

First we ask us : – « How to browse a text and read ONLY ONE TIME a data and find its presence probability ? »

Immediate thinking was to store it in a table with ascii value as indice. Then if you want to store i \longrightarrow j \longrightarrow k you store Table(i,j,k)=NumberOfOccurences .

Then forgot the following very, very, very slow thought : – « Try to do a recursive method : Find ‘a’, browse text, count, find b, browse text … etc ». Very bad algorithm not so methodic but surely very, verrrry, slooooow.

Stop to think and construct immediately you table …

3D Ascii Probabilities Table - ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

3D Ascii Probabilities Table – ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

… Then table dimension is : 256*256*256=16777216 16 MO ! You use big memory but you get  instantaneous calculation ! Let’s choose our constraints « Minimum Time Calculation » by sensations.

When we choose to find order five for text probabilities we’ve got 256*256*256*256*256=1.0995e+12 then Matlab worked a long time and said us : – « Lack of memories. »

Needless to do some Industrial Stupid Jobs ?

Yes it does ! … and think about … nothing. « Be Aware » high potential ! Open your chacras ! … Let’s Play Solitaire game or return to a big society. You have some time to think about nothing.

After the 50th bugs we returned to a recursive method and we waited a long time to play with « solitaire » without thinking or « Mind in the air » to find another solution.

Let’s your Mind in the Air. Play Solitaire ! »

Solitaire - Open Your Chacras ?

Solitaire – Open Your Chacras ?

And – « How to reduct ascii table only to ‘ab…z » characters ? Then Table_{dim}=26^5=11881376 «  Then … do it ==> Instantaneous calculation for order 5 texts probabilities. Yeah. … But you got only 90% of right statistics because you forgot informations when you limit text values. – « But are those values contains informations ? » … « Think about entropy. »  … etc.

Physics, inventions, discovers are the result of long chainS of knowledgeS. Let’s go fishing and pulling the net. J. P. Cipria.

Ishikawa - Telecom - SMS Trouble Shooting

Ishikawa – Telecom – SMS Trouble Shooting


Jean-Paul Cipria

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