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Algorithmics 07 – From Shannon to Karatsuba or the Reverse ?

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Juin• 07•17

We can observe C. Shannon as a genius engineer and Karatsuba as a smart mathematician. But how did they think about physics and how Shannon explained theories ? Do discovers follow ideas or the invert ?

<strong><span style="color: #800000;">Very Difficult ! PhD Level.</span></strong>

Very Difficult ! PhD Level.

Expériences En Construction

Expériences En Construction

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You can follow in direct live my own postdoc research on subject « How to improve Signal Behaviour ? » Why ? « To improve accuracy and rapidity of calculation … for example. »

And why do we want to try to find an example ? It is an error we do here to « incite you » to think a little and to improve you own brain and doing … discover(s) ! If you ask you what you need or what customers need you will discover … nothing just as you did’nt discover anything since 1990 !

We know it. It is forbidden to say this in Europe and France. Sorry 😉 I say it in English ! Brexit ? Great Idea ! Francexit ? Done !


Time and Space 01 – Pythagore – Two Dimensions.

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Juin• 05•17
Pythagore Prove

Pythagore Prove.

Jean-Paul Cipria

Algorithmic 06 – The Billion, the Billion* ! Primes !

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mai• 31•17
Prime numbers - The Billion - © J.P. Cipria – 2017

Prime numbers – The Billion* – © J.P. Cipria – 2017

Here after two days calculations by a simple computer with no bugs we do 1 billion searches by number of prime numbers in parts of density number Density=\frac{dEntropy}{dx} then we do  Calculations=\int_{x=1}^{10^9} x.\int_{Entropy=1}^{x~up~to~\sqrt(50847534)}d(Entropy) divisions. It is a … great number.

(*) : The billion, the billion : Title of a caricatural joke by « Les inconnus » to describe the very poor level of french television intended to brutify people and to elect a financial to the presidential position after DSK destructed by USA justice. France is not yet a Democraty since 2004. Be aware of that citizens, engineers and scientists. Let’s read « Tite Live Commentaries » by Machiavel in … 1515.


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"What's Up, Doc" Bugs Bunny- ©J.P. Cipria - 15/04/2017

« What’s Up, Doc ? » ©J.P. Cipria –

Very Easy Level (CM2 – Primary School)

<strong><span>Expériences En Construction</span></strong>

Expériences En Construction.

Then it remains a small part of true … and enjoy it. It is just an cool play to heat my computer then computer stopped while processor heated. It sleeped a long time. I breathed it with my own … breath. It wake up and continued its job. Good computer !

… too follow : x=900 000 000 the may 31th at 17h29 TU+1.

Then after two days calculations for fun (not for my processor ?) it is possible to think about another method to obtain the same results. « And what about ? » can said idiot academic inspectors in France.

To follow … I don’t use my brain for nothing … You will see … Maybe ?

« It’s a long way to be at the top when you are a single scientist. »
– AC D … euh, JP Cipria. 😉 –
It’s not so easy to whistle electric guitar ! Then let’s sing it in your head : ♫ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♫♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to coda and waoua, woua in your brain, if you can ?

01/06/2017 : the billion, the billion !!!


Algorithmics 05-1 – Prime Numbers

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mai• 26•17
Matlab User Interface - Prime Numbers - PhD Annexes - ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Matlab User Interface – PhD Annexes – Prime Numbers – ©J.P. Cipria 2017.

Why don’t we read [KARATSUBA-1963] references ? Has a habit there are two theorems :
. Theorem 1 called as Ofman.
. Theorem 2 called as Karatsuba.
. Lemme …
… without a correct demonstration ?


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<strong><span style="color: #800000;">Very Difficult ! PhD Level.</span></strong>

Very Difficult ! PhD Level.

Done ... Un Café ?

Done … Un Café ?

Russian Mathematician M. Karatsuba and Ofman wrote a paper in 1963 with two theorems and a lemme [1] . But we can’t understand correctly the demonstration on its paper. Therefore 32 years later M. Karatsuba [2] understand as a very high level what they said 32 years ago and it is more efficient to … understand it ! Then, doctors in sciences (PhD), please, read only this last scientific reference ?

We continue by Matlab calculations how some theorems had proved by M. Karatsuba in 1995 in this article extract from annexes thesis. « So, hang in there and ride out the adverse periods. » (Alors accrochez-vous et dépassez les étapes difficiles.)

First step : « How to calculate prime number ? What is a density ? What form is the integral ?

Let’s see small film :


Algorithmics 04 – Prime Numbers – Erathostene Algorithm

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mai• 25•17
Compiled Matlab Calculations - ©J.P. Cipria

Compiled Matlab Calculations – ©J.P. Cipria

How do Calculate the first Prime Numbers when we use Erathostene Methods ?

Why use Prime Numbers when you are Physicist or an Engineer ?

Then let’s try to do a multiplication ?

How you do it pratically ? You use « Classic Method » when you write first operand then you multiply with second operand less digit … then you do the same with second operand second digit with a base 10 shift. After all … you add all this operation N times. Then you did N^2 operations.

But we are physicists then we do N=1000000 multiplications for a single 3D radar signal. Then we performed N^2=1 000 000 000 000 single operations !!! That’s is boring for time, money, memory and computer availibility and Engineer skills !

How do a simple Multiplication ?