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Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mai• 18•17

Here a small film on how to Program a Trajectory on a Defined Plan … then we 3D Change Referential Position and we perform the same Program. Whats Up, Doc ?

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<strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">Expériences En Construction</span></strong>

Experiment in Progress.

Is’nt it Fun to be an Engineer and think in relative 3D space without beeing Einstein ? Do Financials think it’s a loss of public money ?

Let’s remember, technicians, that in 1969 an engineer waited that his auto-navigation computer controlled 3D attitude, altimeters, 6 relative speeds, radars, with a 0.000079 Gbyte ROM Program ! Then after a while this very cool pilot took his joïstick to change the automatic trajectory to « moon » on a plane position.

  • « LEM from Houston, how’s your consumption ? » – « 10 seconds remaining that’s suffisant. » Answered the phlegmatic astronaute.

What’s up since 1969 ? How are technologies progress ? [CIPRIA-2017]

"What's Up, Doc" Bugs Bunny- ©J.P. Cipria - 15/04/2017

« What’s Up, Doc ? »  ©Cipria

Explanation ?

First time we define initial position for robots arm. This is the small blanc object at the right hand of robot. We said it to touch it sometimes. Then we define two axis on a 3D space. We have got :

  • PlanPosition0=(O_0,O_0X_0,O_0Y_O)_{O_0Z_0} The Z_0 position is implicit on the program.

Second time : You perform algorithm to calculate trajectories ON this plan : for exemple a Circle and a Star on it.

Third time : You define another Plan in a 3D Space.

  • PlanPosition1=(O_1,O_1X_1,O_1Y_1)_{O_1Z_1} then you write : « Set to 3D Plan 1 » and you run the previous trajectories program.

That’s All Folks ? Sure Not !

Scientifics References

  • [CIPRIA-2017] : CIPRIA, Jean-Paul, « How we Understand Technologies ? » – Annexes from Physics PhD Thesis – ©2017.

Jean-Paul Cipria

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