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Survey 05 – How to Project by Hand a Curve on a Plan by 45° Inclination ?

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Oct• 01•17
Cylindric and Plane Intersections

Cylindric and Plane Intersections

Cylindric and Plane Intersections.
How to Project Curve with 45° Inclination Point of View ?

Done ... Un Café ?

Done … Un Café ?

Easy Level.

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Interest in Professional Jobs

Interests for surveyor are to know how to « see » a surface when he move or shift his point of view. For example you can see the following object at the top left drawing as a face view. Below you can see a top view of the same object. If we use directly 3D view you turn object by 45° and algorithm displays the right point of view. Is it easy when we may not understand anything !

Do it by hands as great engineers !

But how to do it by hands without algorithm, just by geometrical projections ? It should not be forgotten that some of great discovers in physics were not done by algebric equations ! P.M Dirac and so great engineers used space symetries to solve problems. Then let’s walk in the great engineer’s footsteps ! then … done !

Cylindric and Plane Intersections

Cylindric and Plane Intersections


  • Autocad Drawing : Intersection Plan Cylindre-20171001.dwg


Jean-Paul Cipria – Surveyor – 01th Oct. 2017.

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