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Survey 10 – Boresighting Processing – Simbleautage

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Mar• 10•18

How do we break parallelism alignment between unreachable site and sighting ?

Boresighting Processing - Simbleautage-Visee-Tir

Boresighting Processing – Simbleautage – Shifted Target Path – Visée Décalée.

How do we focus on a satellite with one detector and send angle point of view to different sensors at different positions ? It is Parallax Calculation. You can control a digital servo motor to point another equipment on a same target. For example you made infra-red measurement distance, and gisement (referenced to Lambert Cartography North) from a mountain and you want to design the same target to a radar situated some meters lower.


As we do ?

Calculation had made easily as Survey Topograph do it :

  • Then we count elevation angle Sv from vertical axis and made telemetry Dv from target to detector.
  • We know exactly accessory detector position (xc,yc) and principal detector position as  (xv, yv).
  • Accessory sensor is the reference position and principal sensor is shifted by « parallaxe » value on vertical axe.




To be detailled.


% Relative Position from Sensor position and angle to Target
xt = xv + Dv*sin(Sv);
yt = yv + Dv*cos(Sv);

% Calcul de l'angle supérieur du triangle.
alpha1 = pi - Sv;

% Sensor-Target Range.
Dt = sqrt(yv^2 + Dv^2 - 2*yv*Dv*cos(alpha1));

% Second Sensor Elevation : To send to Servo Position Motor
alpha0 = asin(Dv/Dt*sin(alpha1));

% Principal Sensor to Target Trajectory Equation
xt1(t) = dv(t)*sin(Sv) + xv;
yt1(t) = dv(t)*cos(Sv) + yv;

% Second Sensor to Target Trajectory Equation
xt2(t) = dt(t)*sin(alpha0) + xc;
yt2(t) = dt(t)*cos(alpha0) + yc;

End Matlab


Jean-Paul Cipria

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