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Survey 12 – 3D Cloud Datas

Written By: Jean-Paul Cipria - Avr• 28•18

Doudou Sculpture by Catherine CIPRIA

File MTL and OBJ to Display 3D

Some 3D viewer don’t work with *.obj and *.mtl 3D Model. We will try to find some correct plugin …

Another 3D Viewer

This plugin don’t display 3D object with correct accuracy.

Click and drag to rotate.

Touch and drag to rotate.


PDF File with embedded 3D Tile Object


Art conception.

  • Catherine Cipria : Home Stagging and Art Decoration.
  • Jean-Paul Cipria : Photo scanning and Mesh Constructions.


  • Pictures : Sony HDDSC-HX20V.
  • Algorithmes : Photoscan 1.3


Jean-Paul Cipria

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