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Jean-Paul Cipria

TECHNOLOGIES INNOVATIONS and SCIENCES INTEGRATIONS for GROUPS Surveyor Topographer Sciences for Engineers : 25 Years Experiences cipria[ at ] 2017 in Action Surveyor and Topographer « Measurements on Earth. Why is it so Complex AND Difficult ? » – 09/2017. Leveling and Local Altimetry : How is the height of earth objects ? Covadis and Autocad Maps […]

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Cipria – 2016 – Scientific Activities Resume

Here are my 2016 Scientific Activities for all 2016 monthes. 2016 has been productive : After a Master in Sciences in 2012 I was a sciences professor for two years and in 2016 I got a second Master in Teaching and Pedagogy. I leaved French Institution to work by my own on « understanding physics methods […]

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