Jean-Paul CIPRIA


Maximum Entropy Method – 3 – Lagrange Parameters

Why do we use Gamma Probability Density ? What are the right parameters to find the khi² density ? Why do we used Gamma density for Entropy ? How to correlate Bayesian Inferences to kind of Probability Density ? … etc We are begining to answer … First action is to be able to calculate […]

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Maximum Entropy Method – 2 – Wavelets

Wavelets is a compression transform for signals. Then do wavelets perform the maximum absolute compression ? Wavelets Signals First we read a simple image with vertical and horizontal and diagonal lines to see how HAAR decomposition transformation held the picture. DWT is a MATLAB wavelet transformation function. Therefore IDWT is the inverse transformation. Images sizes […]

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Maximum Entropy Method – 1 – Notions

How can we use the Maximum Entropy Method (MEM) ? How do we do to display the « right » informations with a mathematical « point of view » ? Are we sure that « projection » on a particular « space » or « space-time » or « frequency-space », … etc is the one with the maximum of informations « contained » in a set of signals […]

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