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Tunnel Indoor courbes de polarisation électrique
Electric polarization propagation on indoor large tunnel


PIC - Propagation de Particules dans une Ligne Coaxiale en Mode TEM
PIC – Ionics Particles Propagation in a coax tube TEM Mode

Signal processing

GSM Urbain Canal de Fading COST207
Fading Channel in Urban GSM COST207


Technological support to companies – Because you really need it !

Ishikawa - Telecom - SMS Trouble Shooting
Ishikawa – Telecom – SMS Trouble Shooting


Ask a question on line

Non linear pedagogy : Five ways lead to the knowledge on this web site. Contrary to the cathedral of Chartre it is not necessary to follow a single labyrinth path to gather … ?

Posez-moi une question ! Ask me a question !

Posez-moi une question ! Ask me a question !
The Figure ? Fractale – 15 mn of calculation.


User manual


Methods to concept, develop, construct, imagine new technological, technical and scientific concepts.

Mathematic to help engineers and technicians to do correctly theirs jobs in an engineering departement.

Select one of the four figures above. The figures symbolize articles and pages relating to the following topics:

Ask an on-line question

  • Ask me a question :
    Please link to this post and write your question on the commentary box then send it. I will answer you as rapidly as I can.

Telecommunication topics

Physics topics

  • Physics :
    Experiments, Thesis and PhD – Quantum Physics – Laser – Atomistic.

Signal processing topics

Engineer’s Methods

  • Methods :
    Systems Troubleshooting, Ishikawa analysis, Epistemology and common companies mistakes.

Categories choices

You can also select some items using the categories selection box. Remember that most items are graduated degree level and cost me a lot of work. This explains that a part is private. However, you can access it on demand. Find my contact email on my resume.

On-Line Telecommunication Learning – Draft

Example : On line Telecommunication Learning

On Line Learning Telecommunication Example - French Web Structure and English Lessons

On Line Learning Telecommunication Example – French Web Structure and English Lessons

Scientific support

Technological Support - Mail Contact

Technological Support – Mail Contact

Technological Support to Companies

Because You Really Need It !


French technologies

French language is semantically powerful and I feel some difficulties translating certain concepts into others languages. Then I try to translate items from French to English by my own capacity because automatic traductor are so bad that I found myself  fluent in English (it’s  a joke ;-)). French langage has only one purpose … I explain to myself, in my native language, difficult concepts to understand.

Let lucid, there are no technologies uses for French companies since long time and we measure their technical inability every day and therefore their business failures, unfortunately.

Despite this I wish you happy reading and good calculations if you try some methods for your job.

Spirit in a web site ?

Why this Nanotechinnov title : Applied Science Californian Institute ? I decided to work in the USA in Santa Clara in California. Then this site is a training work to write high difficult concepts in English. Today I think in French and I translate it. Tomorrow I will think directly in English.

Therefore some of my posts (or items) remains in French. Why ? Because some studies or physics measurements have been done by French engineers ou physicists then, by respect to those persons, I just translate it when needs occur. Please would you try to translate with g$$gles  translator flag at your right hand. I know !  G$$gle is deplorable and if I have time I will make the translation  job myself.

High tech society in USA, please, mail me in advance for recruitment, I shall consider with great pleasure propositions as strange as : « Transmission code entropy on macro proteins.« 

Best regards.
Jean-Paul Cipria
Wireless Telecom Engineer
Embedded Systems Physicist

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